Need a Demo Reel, but don’t have the footage yet to put one together?
Then an "Interview" Demo Reel is a great alternative to get you noticed.

FA Studio can create a professional Demo Reel for actors who need more than just a headshot and resume to showcase themselves. The ‘Interview’ Demo Reel gives casting directors a broader spectrum of you. The reel will combine footage of you just being yourself and footage of you delivering a few lines. This combination of displaying the best qualities of your personality and demonstrating your acting skills will allow casting directors to:

The Process:

Taping Session: This is a general interview of you. In a relaxed setting, we will tape about 20 minutes of you talking about yourself and of you delivering a few lines from your favorite character types.

Editing: We will choose the best footage from your session. This footage will be edited together. When you are happy with the edits, it will be packaged into a reel one minute in length.

Final Product: You will receive a high quality computer file of your Demo Reel as well as a DVD copy.

Fee: $150.00 all inclusive

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