Stephanie McCandless founded Film Actor's Studio to provide a professional development resource for actors in Louisiana. It also gives instructors and filmmakers a facility to accommodate their teaching and casting needs.

ACTORS now have professional resources in the Baton Rouge area to get them noticed in a highly competitive industry.

Film Actor Studio provides actors three key resources:

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INSTRUCTORS can reserve the fully equipped Rehearsal Studio for classes or workshops. The Rehearsal Studio accommodates up to 15 students and provides for real time and playback demonstration on large screen monitors. Contact us if you are an instructor in need of a professional setting. Our equipment will ensure students get the most out of your next class. Refer to the Rehearsal Studio tab to get more information on class space rental.

FILMMAKERS & CASTING can use facility for live auditions. The studio has a waiting area for actors and two private, equipped rooms for professional live auditions. Contact us if in need of space to cast an upcoming project.

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